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How To Lose Weight While On Holidays!

Date: Dec 06, 2012    By: Genesis Fitness

There are a number of people that go on holidays and use them as an excuse to eat whatever they like, move as little as possible and gain weight, and there are those who view the holiday period as an opportunity to eat well, move more and who ultimately lose weight, often quite a few kg in fact. So if you would like to be in the first group this Christmas, here are the simple steps to be a holiday loser, and tricks that will serve you well for life.
1) Move more than you usually do
Come holiday time, there is no excuse. You have much more time and whether you choose to prioritise exercise and movement is completely up to you. Will you schedule extra training sessions, walk twice each day at the beach, walk more and drive less and basically take every opportunity to move your body, or will you minimize movement like you usually do?
2) Stop snacking
Holidays mean that you have more time to prepare nutritionally balanced meals; you are also likely to be sleeping a little more and hence have fewer hours each day to eat and if your meals are larger you will not need to be snacking. The constant grazing and snacking that infiltrates our lives when things are busy causes havoc with weight control and the holiday period is a perfect time to get back into the habit of three regular well balanced meals that keep your full for the 4-5 hours they should before you feel hungry and need to eat again.
3) Take your food with you
It does not matter if you are flying, going on a car trip, for a picnic or just to a friend’s BBQ, if you want to commit to eating well and controlling your weight for life, it is time to get into the habit of taking food supplies with you. Once you have some salad/vegetables and protein options always on hand, you are far less likely to over eat non nutritious, high carbohydrate snack foods and cement a diet platform that supports weight control. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy treats when you are out and about, but it means that you never become a victim to your food environment and find yourself forced to eat high calorie, non-filling foods simply because you found yourself hungry and had no other choice but to eat what was there.

Food Tip of the Week – Christmas Calories….
At this time of year, it is always good to have a reminder of how many calories some of our favourite Christmas foods contain, simply so we can be a little more mindful of the worst and better choices.

The worst…
3 Mini quiches 789kJ
1 tablespoon Kraft French onion dip with 6 Jatz crackers – 811kJ
2 Four and Twenty 50g Party pies 1030kJ
2 Walkers shortbread fingers 826kJ
5 Cadburys Favourites chocolates 990kJ
3 pieces Giant Toblerone 1724kJ
3 fried chicken wings – 1260kJ
2 Chicken Satay sticks / 1000kJ

Much better….
3 stuffed vine leaves (dolmades) 323kJ
Light Philadelphia Sweet Chili Pour over with 6 wafer thins – 350kJ
2 sushi rolls 330kJ
3 Red Tulip After Dinner Mints 406kJ
1 slice smoked salmon (50g) 380kJ / 5.5g fat
5 oysters 150kJ / 1g fat
6 large king prawns – 750kJ
6 Grissini sticks 235kJ

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