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How to Safely Deadlift

Date: Nov 26, 2019   

Compound exercises are an amazing way to stay fit and increase muscle mass as they train several muscle groups at once. One of the most popular compound exercises, and viewed as perhaps the best one, is the Deadlift. However, if your form is not perfect, or at least close to it, completing a few semi-heavy deadlifts could leave your back aching. There are some things you should keep in mind when you want to safely add deadlifts to your fitness routine.


Your feet should be about hip-width apart and your toes may face a couple of degrees outward for a normal deadlift. (There are other deadlifts, like a sumo deadlift, that will have you change your stance a bit.) You have to get your feet set and provide a strong base if you are interested in lifting heavy weight properly.

Arm Position

The barbell should be only an inch or two away from your shins, over the center of your foot. As you bend your knees and hinge at the hips, put your hands at shoulder-width apart on the barbell. Start to create tension through your body by beginning the movement of pulling the bar through your legs – this will turn on your lats.

The Grip

If you are just beginning deadlifts you can keep both your hands in the overhand grip with both palms facing towards you. As you progress to increase your weights you might look at a mixed grip – speak to one of the expert trainers at the club about the technique and benefits of this hand position.


Core bracing in a deadlift is vital – if you want to progress then it is 100% necessary to catch up with a trainer to nut out this powerful and protectionary function. Breathe into the stomach, hold the tension and tighten those muscles, lift, breathe out after the lift (single rep) is completed. Reset and repeat.

Push the floor away from you

When you lift the bar up off the ground – imagine pushing the floor away from you. Your spine position will stay flat, your knees will extend and hips will drive through. Keep the bar pulled in close to your body the entire time as you stand up straight.

Let It Hang

You are just lifting the barbell up and letting it hang for a second and then placing it back down. Do not try to do shrugs when you lift the barbell up. Just let it hang close to your body.

Shoulders and Hips

Throughout the movement we want our shoulders set back and at the peak of the movement our hips will finish in line with our body. We do not need to over thrust, just make sure the body is straight and strong!

Complete Whole Sets

The rep needs to go from the floor up and then down again. A safe and controlled downward phase is vital. Don’t just drop the weight, complete the movement in the opposite manner and remember – this is where injuries can happen if we lose concentration.

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