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How the right breakfast can help you lose weight

Date: Feb 22, 2019   

Introducing a protein-based breakfast rather than the usual carb heavy options can be a great way to lose weight.

By having something protein based you will start you day doing several things:

1) Resting your overworked insulin system – this can lead to your body being more responsive to carbohydrates (glucose) when you do have them and give your system a rest overnight and into the morning. A more responsive system is less likely to store glucose in fat cells!

2) Decrease your hunger – eating protein helps reduce the levels of ghrelin in your system which is a hunger hormone.

3) Increases our bodies work load – only a minor tweak but our body works harder breaking down proteins 20-30% more calories burnt than when breaking down carbs

A balanced diet is key. But you can speak to a professional to make the best of your nutritional choices.

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