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How to build muscle without getting injured

Date: Sep 11, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

“No pain, no gain” is a saying that is often related to working out. Weightlifters will frequently state it as they get to the top end of their weightlifting limit on various exercises, such as a bench press or standing overhead press. However, when trying to achieve your one rep maximum lift, you are risking the chance of being injured.

Ego lifting is the act of lifting or pushing too much weight without the conscious effort of keeping form to boost your ego. It has injured thousands of us in the weight room. Ego lifting is all fun and games until you tear a tricep or pass out while doing squats.

If you can remember back to high school Science, your teacher probably informed you on how muscle was made. In case you slept through that class, here is a brief lesson to help you understand. When you are performing strength training exercises, you are essentially tearing muscle fibres. These fibres start to re-build themselves a tiny bit bigger than they were before. This is how larger muscles are created.

There are better ways to build muscle without putting yourself at risk of an injury. One way to achieve this, is to decrease the amount of weight you are lifting so instead of doing 10 reps, you can do 20 reps. With lighter weight, you are significantly reducing the opportunity for injury.

Another way, is to use light weights and perform the reps so slow that they last about 15 seconds in total. Within a short amount of time, your arms will be trembling from exhaustion. These tips will help you build muscle while preventing you from becoming another casualty in the weights room.

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