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How to Best Identify If You Are Overtraining?

Date: Oct 29, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

The human body can take more than most people think. You would have seen Ultra Marathon Runners pushing themselves to extreme limits, much farther than we ever thought possible. Even though most of us aren’t trying to run 50km+ there is still a chance that you could be overtraining so there are things to be on the lookout for.

Shin Splints

If you are trying to fit in a daily run you may have suffered through shin splints at some point. Shin splints usually happen because you are overtraining your lower leg muscles through incorrect or inefficient movement patterns. Most of the pain will be felt right where the muscles meet in the shin area. There are several methods to relieve this discomfort but our recommendation is rest and ice between runs when possible. Then see one of our expert trainers to assess your biomechanics, provide a strength based running program and get those movement patterns in check.

Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are common for people when they are constantly putting themselves through strenuous workouts. It is part of the muscle-building process. But if your muscles are always sore and never seem to feel good, then it is time to take a day or two off between training sessions for a while to make sure everything can heal properly. This is a good time to check your nutritional intake and make sure you have all the protein and carbohydrates needed to recover.

Constantly Dealing with Fatigue

It might take some time before diagnosing yourself with overtraining if the only symptom is fatigue. After all, fatigue can happen when you aren’t training enough and when you are training too much. Usually a workout will leave you energized directly afterward. If you are instead feeling tired all the time and are constantly training almost daily, it could be wise to catch up on some sleep and rest your body for a bit.

Your Fitness Progress Has Reached a Plateau

One sign to help you identify when you are overtraining is when you can’t make any more gains in the weight room or while completing your cardio. Muscles that are constantly being torn down are not getting a chance to rebuild themselves stronger. So instead of getting slightly larger muscles after every workout, you are forever tearing the muscle fibers without giving them a chance to heal. Take a day off between workouts and see if that helps after a few weeks.

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