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How to balance your training with work and family commitments

Date: Nov 23, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

You’re busy right?

Stressful job with long hours, then you go home and have kids, partners and relatives to fit in.

Between all the existing commitments, it gets difficult to balance your fitness routine in amongst all the other demands on your time.

It’s tough, you know you want to work out and stay fit; you feel better, have more confidence, and actually have more energy to deal with everything else.

But it’s sometimes difficult to step away from other obligations, to take time for yourself. How do you find a balance?

Below are some tips to balance your training with your work and family commitments:

Work out in the morning: If you schedule training in the morning before anything else comes on your plate, you don’t need to face a conflict. Leave it later in the day; your boss asks you to stay late, the kids want their dinner, and you’re going to struggle to get to the gym.

Schedule training in your diary: If you put an appointment in your diary you are much more likely to keep it. You won’t double book yourself, and mentally you see it as a fixed appointment, so you’ll schedule other things around it.

Involve the family: Can you take the kids out for a run in the park or swimming with you? If you can make exercise and play time one and the same, you’re going to be much more efficient, and everyone is happy.

Make your training short and intense: If you keep your workouts short at around 30-40 minutes it will take a minimal amount of time out of your day, allowing more time for other things. Of course, shorter workouts mean you need to work harder in that time to get the same results as you would training for longer.

If you action these tips, hopefully you’ll be able to find a good balance between all of the commitments you have, and see result in your fitness, while maintaining all of the other important things in your life.

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