Good nutrition tips for the whole family

Date: Jul 17, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

A healthy family is built on a healthy diet. In this article, we’re going to look at some good nutrition tips for the whole family.

Replace fizzy drinks and alcohol with water – Unfortunately a lot of people are chronically dehydrated, and they don’t even know it. If you rarely drink water, you are probably dehydrated. Fizzy drinks, coffee and alcohol are simply not going to improve the situation. Everybody needs to drink enough pure water to stay properly hydrated.

Plus, water has zero calories. Switching other drinks out in favour of water is one of the easiest ways to consume less calories and lose weight.

Make protein the base of your meal – Proteins such as lean meats, fish and eggs should be the base of everybody’s meals. They’re filling and provide the building blocks for a strong and healthy body.

Eat more vegetables – Use vegetables to bulk out your meals, after choosing a protein source. You will be getting lots of micronutrients and fibre in your diet from the vegetables. They are also filling, which leads to less snacking between meals.

Eat together as a family – Eating together places the focus on meals, which helps to reduce snacking between meals, when people tend to eat more junk food and less nutritious, healthy foods.

Keep junk food out of the house – If junk food is in the house, it will be a temptation and will be eaten. Instead, you can arrange so you have to consciously choose to go out to get any junk food when you want to eat it.

This stops you falling into mindless eating and keeps unnecessary temptation away.

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