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Find Your 30 – Day 5

Date: Mar 01, 2020    By: Genesis Fitness

DAY #5 | HIIT Circuit

Created by: Sam from Genesis Wantirna, VIC


Warm up and stretch: 10 x 2 Hip lifts on the floor, 10 dead bugs to engage core, hamstring and lowerback stretch. Foam roll upper back.

Hiit Circuit: Body weight squats–15 (round 2 + progress to jump squat)

· Pushups–15 reps.

· Slam Balls–15 slams.

· Body weight lunges 12 (round 2+ progress to plyo lunges)

· Battle ropes–30 in total.

· Situps–15 reps.

· 1:30 rest and repeat.

· Repeat as many times as you can in 20 minutes then stretch for 5 minutes


During the work periods you will need to put in the effort, but the key here is recovering during the rest phase. Deep breaths.

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