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febfasters - Give yourself a boost

Date: Feb 18, 2021    By: Genesis Fitness

No matter what bad habit or ‘vice’ you’ve taken on for this febfast, there often comes a point where the initial excitement wears off and the reality of the task sets in.

You’re almost three weeks into febfast now and you’ve come a long way. You’re not quite at the finish line but you can see it, and that alone is worthy of a few high fives.

If you feel like you need a bit of an extra boost to get you to the end, never fear! We’re here for you with these handy tricks to get you through the final week:

  • Surround yourself with stuff you love. Nothing works better than a bit of positive distraction and some ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain. Turn up the music you love, hang out with your bestie or furry friend, watch your all-time favourite movie or pick up your favourite book.
  • Introduce one simple new daily habit. This can be as simple as setting your alarm five minutes earlier so that you can do a few minutes of deep breathing before you start your day or going for a quick walk around the block before dinner. Keep it small and manageable. febfast is about removing something negative from your everyday life, so it’s time to introduce something new and enjoy a different sense of achievement.
  • Do something different. Mixing it up is a great way to perk up your mindset. Book into that exercise class that you’ve always avoided, choose a new healthy recipe to make, explore a new area of your neighbourhood, learn how to count to ten in another language – whatever it is, it will help you break up the monotony and eliminate any feelings of being ‘in a rut’.
  • Reward yourself. This doesn’t have to be anything major or even cost you a cent. Treat yourself with something you know you’ll enjoy and acknowledge the good work you’ve done so far. Paint your nails, buy a smoothie for breakfast or put a special music playlist together.

Keep your eye on that finish line, we’re so close now! Let’s stay upbeat as we count down and remember what drove you to sign-up in the first place.

We’d also love to see how you’re tracking and what you’re up to, so if you’re posting to social please tag us in on Instagram and Facebook.

Good luck for next week and stay tuned for more tips as we come to the end of the challenge.

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