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Date: Feb 03, 2021    By: Genesis Fitness

Welcome to all febfast participants for 2021. It’s a great year to be involved as most of us are looking for ways to make a change, boost positivity and maybe even try something new this year.

With week one almost done, you’re amped up for sure and ready to tackle febfast and go full steam ahead. You’re also probably starting to feel the void by now as your body adjusts to coping without something it was taking for granted, whether that’s alcohol, sugar or another ‘vice’.

It’s completely normal to feel a little out of sorts leading into week two. You may feel low on energy at times and may also experience moodiness and heightened emotions.

Here are a few activities you can do this weekend and heading into next week to start giving your body the good stuff it needs as it adjusts to the change.

  • Drink more water. So simple but so important as it assists you physically and mentally. Start with a glass of water first thing in the morning. Drink two or three glasses between meals and carry a water bottle with you throughout the day so you have easy access.
  • Breath in some fresh air. Focusing on your breath in a conscious and purposeful way has the power to change your physical, mental and emotional state. It’s best to head outside in the fresh air to do this. Find a quiet space and dedicate at least three mins to focusing on deep breathing. The simplest way to do this is to breathe deeply into your belly, hold for three seconds, release slowly and then repeat a couple of times. If you need some guidance to help you focus, download a deep breathing/breathwork app – there are plenty out there that will guide you through a short breath exercise.
  • Get moving. This is not the time to throw yourself into a new, intensive form of exercise but it certainly is a great time to get moving. A walk, a stretch or even a gentle swim are perfect activities, especially if you weren’t doing much physical activity prior to febfast. If you already had a fitness routine in place, keep it up but be kind to yourself. The new-found motivation is great but can put you at risk of injury if you push yourself harder than usual and don’t forget your body is still adjusting to changes in diet.
  • Phone a friend. If you already feel like the challenge is getting tough, it’s time to call in back-up. Whether it’s that friend you know you can count on to amp you up, a family member who’s got your back or a personal trainer that can give you a boost, if you feel you need the extra support, reach out to them. Maybe you can even recruit a friend to do febfast with you (it’s not too late!).
  • Write down three goals. Now is a great time to decide what you really want to get out of febfast this year. Do you want to try to continue going sugar-free or alcohol-free beyond February? Do you want to make a change to your fitness as well? Do you want to start dedicating more time to yourself? Whatever it is you want to achieve, write down the top three and stick it on your fridge. We’ll revisit these again later.

The team at Genesis Health + Fitness is really excited to be involved in febfast this year and share some tips and tricks to help you maximise the challenge, no matter what you’ve decided to give up for the month of February. We have a team doing the challenge as well, so we really are right there with you every step of the way.

Good luck for week two and stay tuned for more tips. If you’re looking for more health and fitness advice, you can also check out our blog and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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