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febfasters - Break a habit, make a habit

Date: Feb 24, 2021    By: Genesis Fitness

You’re almost there, well done! And for Victorian participants, you’ve even had the added challenge of a lockdown thrown in…possibly putting you closer to the source of your vice (the fridge, the cellar), not to mention the added pressure of increased stress levels.

Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve done - it’s a big achievement. As we near the end of febfast, it’s a great time to think about extending that positive energy and momentum you already have and putting it to further use. Just like blowing up a balloon, this sort of progress takes time and energy to achieve – so it would be a shame to waste the hard work you’ve already put in and let the positivity deflate.

You’re well on the way to breaking a habit, so what next? Now is a great time to MAKE a new habit - one that’s good for you.

Here are three tips to keep up the momentum and set a new course for the rest of 2021:

1) Community and friends. Surround yourself with the right people to create a community that can build you up. We all experience times of lows, dips in motivation and self-doubt. If you have the right people around you they can help support you through this. Who are these people? They might be friends, family members, colleagues, gym peers, personal trainers - anyone you make a connection with who can encourage you to dig deep and keep going.

2) Keep it fun. This one is simple. Whatever you choose to do next, ensure you are having fun – smiling will keep you coming back.

3) One thing at a time. Try creating one new habit at a time. You are statistically far more likely to succeed when you implement one new habit rather trying to do everything at once. Start off by just showing up to a new activity or committing to whatever small new habit you want to create 2-3 times per week. When that becomes a positive cycle of success, introduce something else, like one more bottle of water a day, or home-made lunch rather than eating out at work. Keep adding up these to get the best results over time.

Whatever you do next, we do wish you all the best!

As you continue your journey, we’d still love to follow how you’re tracking and what you’re up to, so if you’re posting to social please tag us in on Instagram and Facebook.

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