Better together: 4 great reasons to try group exercise in 2022

Date: Jan 18, 2022    By: Genesis Fitness

If you’re a serial lone trainer 2022 may be your year to kickstart a new workout habit – group training. Have you ever found yourself looking at the exercise classes, wondering whether you’re better off in a crowd or flying solo? Here are a few good reasons you might want to give group exercise a go this year.

Classes are a great way to try something new

It’s great to try new things, not just for motivation but also to learn new skills and keep your exercise routine fresh. There are lots of classes out there that have a skill-based focus such as boxercise, yoga or pole fitness, where you’ll learn some awesome new fitness skill from an experienced instructor. Another benefit of trying new things is that it will keep your exercise routine fresh, which will in turn make sure you keep getting stronger and fitter. When you workout, you’re sending a message to your body that you need to improve but if you keep the same routine, your body might think it’s fit enough to do what it’s used to. Changing your exercise routine helps to stimulate this adaptation because you’re shocking your body once more, and sending a message it needs to get fitter again.

Equipment-based lessons

If you’re looking to try an activity that uses a lot of equipment, then group classes are a great way to start. Reformer Pilates is a popular example because the classes rely on a large ‘bed’ which you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and on which all of the movements are performed. Many of the moves see participants using their bodyweight as resistance against the machine, which makes for a unique way to workout. A session on the Reformer usually gets rave reviews because it’s such a unique way to exercise. So, if you fancy a session of Reformer Pilates without buying your own machine, then a group lesson is a great way to go.

Group motivation

A recent study in the Journal of Social Sciences found that participants in an experiment tended to copy the behaviour of a workout partner. They called it ‘social comparison theory’ and suggested that a participant will pick up good or bad habits from those around them. This means that if you work out with others in a group that are doing really well, you’ll not only pick up good habits but chances are you’ll feel more confident and generally soak in the good mood as well.

Make friends and influence people

Not all of us have a phone that’s ringing off the hook, so we guess there’s no harm in pointing out how group classes are a great way to get to know new people. Fitness classes often have a very positive atmosphere, especially once the endorphins get flowing, so they’re a great way to get out and take in positive vibes. Not only that, but a study from the University of New England found that group exercise is linked to decreases in stress and a better reported quality of life.

These are just a few of the reasons why group training and workouts are so popular in our clubs. There is heaps of choice, from spin and pump classes, to Reformer Pilates and Coaching Zone; why not grab a mate and book in today? Find a gym today

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