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Benefits Of Having Your Own Personal Trainer

Date: Jan 19, 2013    By: Genesis Fitness

The list of people who could afford personal trainers used to be a short one: pro athletes, gym buffs, rich celebrities, and maybe – if they were really dedicated to it – supermodels. Now, however, as a life of fitness and health continues to enter the mainstream, and as gyms continue to multiply throughout the country, the demand for personal trainers has grown. The scope of fitness has also broadened: these trainers aren’t just here to offer bodybuilding guidance; they are also offering average people plenty of help on things like their diet, conditioning, yoga and Pilates exercises, and so much more.

Looking to develop a lifestyle that promotes fitness, health, and well-being? Take a step in the right direction by hiring your own personal trainer. Here are only some of the benefits of having one.

Motivation and accountability
Let’s not forget that fitness training requires significant physical work – work which you, if you were on your own, might be prone to put off. Having your own personal trainer not only gives you the motivation and encouragement needed to stay committed to your program; he or she will also provide a good measure of structure and accountability in your workouts. Believe us: it’s good to have someone who’ll scold you the minute you start cheating on your reps. And while it has gotten so much more affordable to have your own personal trainer, there is still a good financial motivation in showing up at the gym each week for a session with the trainer you just hired.

Program tailored to your individual needs
Personal trainers are equipped with the professional knowledge necessary to tailor a fitness program that’s right for you. Do you have a health condition but still want to stay in good shape? Are you looking to improve a set of skills that allows you to excel at your favorite sport? Training for a marathon? A personal trainer will look closely at whatever your needs are and develop a safe, efficient program based on your workout objectives. He or she might even work with your healthcare provider to ensure that you can reach your goals in training – without posing unnecessary health risks.

Doing it right
Information on how to keep yourself active and fit is best acquired from personal trainers – not from mere “Googling”. That way, you waste no time and effort performing workout routines that don’t do you any good. With the help of a personal trainer, you’ll be able to do things right – right at the very outset. You’ll learn the fundamentally correct ways of using gym equipment. All this will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to keep going. He or she will look at your form, your thresholds, your limits and strengths. A personal trainer, moreover, will also plan for training efficiency, so that every single day, with every single rep, you are able to work closer toward achieving your goals. A trainer is also someone you can count on to give expert advice on basic nutrition, training, and health.

Results-driven training and progress tracking
Sometimes, you may find yourself working extremely hard only to discover that you are not close to seeing the results you envisioned for yourself. A personal trainer can fix that. He or she will look at your diet, as well as other aspects of your life (in and out of the gym) where you can make changes, so that you can perform more effective workouts or set more realistic goals for yourself. A trainer will also track your progress – thus giving you an objective look at how you’re doing while keeping you away from the temptation of cheating.

We’re not just talking about the freakish things that can happen when you’re doing solo work at the weight room. Personal trainers are there, too, to make sure your workout routine is safe, and to determine whether you’re pushing far beyond your abilities or giving up too easily. He or she will know when to push you hard or when to slow you down.

Refreshing new routines
Bored with the same old workout? Looking for a more interesting routine? You will certainly benefit from having a personal trainer who will introduce new exercises into your workout. Your trainer will also help sharpen your mental focus, as well as come up with new ideas on how to challenge your body and your mind more effectively.

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