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A Balanced Approach to Gaining Muscle and Tone

Date: Mar 08, 2019   

One of the key motivators to working out is to become stronger. Nothing feels better than someone commenting that you really look like you have been hitting the gym hard lately. However, it’s best to take a balanced approach to gaining muscle as you also want to be toned at the same time. After all, what good is added muscle mass if it is covered with fat?

Diet Is Key
If you know the world of fitness well, then you have probably heard the saying that fitness is 25 percent working out and 75 percent diet. To put it simply, if you want to add more muscle, you must consume more protein. Protein combined with exercise builds muscle mass. If you aren’t eating right, then it will be very difficult to gain muscle. Leave the sweets and all of that bread on the supermarket shelves and channel your inner caveman and start eating more meat.

Proper Cardio
If you do cardio already, try to stay away from long distance marathon cardio sessions. When doing a half an hour or more of cardio intensely, your body will not only burn away fat, but it will also start to burn away your muscle tissue as well. Limit your cardio to short bursts of high-intensity cardio as it will attack the fat only and leave that much-needed muscle mass alone.

Strength Training Reps and Sets
To add muscle and tone, you should be focusing on strength training properly. For each muscle building exercise, try to shoot for four to five sets with your reps staying right between the 8 to 12 range.

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