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Are Weekends Tripping You Up?

Date: May 03, 2013    By: Genesis Fitness

Have you ever had a great week – eaten healthy food, avoided bad habits, trained hard and felt great – until Saturday rolled in and with it came temptations that undid all your hard work in the week?
Yep, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t experienced that too!

So, I have a few tips for you that may help you avoid undoing all your hard work at the weekend. There is one condition though: you have to be prepared to make a few changes.

1. Earn your weekend credits – train your butt off!
This one is about earning your weekend credits. If you have dinner, drinks, socialising planned with friends where you know there’ll be different temptations, earn your credits to participate!
Yes, it’s nice to sleep in on the weekend…but if you want to stick to your goals and also enjoy what the weekend has in store, something’s got to give. So get your butt out of bed on Saturday morning and EXERCISE.

Unfortunately I’m not talking a stroll around the park. I’m talking about a hard, sweaty, heart-raising workout please. Complete a gym class, a Weigh It Up training program, a personal training session and give it 110%!

2. Spend your credits wisely
If you know your weekend plans, plan how you’re going to stick to your goals as well as enjoy yourself. You might have to sacrifice one plan in favour for another, or you might have to pull back slightly to stay on track. But that’s what change is about, and when you reach your goals it will be worth it.
For example, if you’ve got plans for Saturday night and office drinks crop up on Friday night, pick one of them to go to. Or go to both, but scale back one of them to stay on track. If you go along to office drinks on Friday, make it one drink, a couple of glasses of soda (if you want to stick around) and then head home. That way you can enjoy your night on Saturday.

3. Plan ahead
If you’re eating out at the weekend you can plan ahead. Many restaurants have their menus online, meaning you can check out what dishes are available and know in advance the healthier options.
If you know what you’re going to be eating and drinking later in the day, plan your day around it too: eat a lighter breakfast and lunch if you’re having a bigger dinner; have a snack before you go out so you don’t fill up on nibbles or bread before your meal; order water for the table so you always have an option; order a side of mixed veggies or a large salad for the table with your main courses, you’ll be surprised who else digs into them too.

4. Don’t feel pressured
Peer pressure – don’t you love it?! We’re all culprits and have all been the instigator of it too I’m sure. “Go on stay for one more” “Really, you’re not drinking?” “Oh leave the car here and have a beer with me” “You’re really not doing to have dessert?” “Oh you only live once, have what you want”. Sound familiar?
It can be hard when you’re the one who isn’t drinking or is choosing not to have dessert and a cheese board when out. But stick to your guns and think of the reasons why you’re doing it.

You don’t need to explain yourself to friends and to be honest, the more you explain yourself, the more attention the subject can get! If someone asks you why you’re not drinking/not having a starter/not staying out any later, tell them your reason and leave it at that – you can even change the subject. They will soon get bored of trying to convince you otherwise!

Most of all, keep your goals in mind at the weekend and if you need to, treat the weekend the same way you would a week day: healthy eating, training and good choices.

by Emily Boylin

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