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7 most effective tactics to eat better when dining out

Date: Nov 08, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

Just because you’re eating out doesn’t mean you have to forsake your healthy diet. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to dine out without having to worry about falling off the wagon.

Plan Ahead

If you know where you’re going for dinner, simply head to the restaurant’s website and look at the menu ahead of time. Planning your meal in advance will allow you to avoid impulse decisions like ordering the first thing you see on the menu.

Stick with Water

You may be tempted to have a soft drink or alcoholic beverage when ordering your meal. This can lead to three or four of these drinks. If you just stick with water, you don’t have to worry about those extra calories.

Skip the Appetisers

Appetisers are so tempting, but they often have as many calories as your actual meal. Skip the appetisers and wait patiently for your main course to be served.

Make the Appetiser Your Meal

How many of us have eaten an appetiser and then said “we should’ve just ordered that for our meal?” Well, now you can. You’re an adult and can make these choices. However, if you’re eating with others, simply ask the server to bring out everything at the same time. This will keep everyone else’s hands off of your appetiser meal.

Eat Protein

Protein fills you up faster and longer than if you decide to go with processed foods. By eating a steak, or going with chicken or fish, you may stop yourself from overeating.

Share Your Meal with Your Partner

The size of the servings that restaurants give can at times be out of control. One meal usually provides you with enough food for two people. Take advantage of this and split the meal with your partner. It will keep you from eating too much and be a cheap date!

Check Out Before Dessert

Just when you don’t think you can take another bite, they offer you a tempting dessert. Before they can do this, ask for the bill. If you remove the temptation, they can’t entice you with it.

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