7 Benefits of Yoga for Cross-Training

Date: Jun 24, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

For those that are unfamiliar with the term “cross-training”, it simply means you are basically taking two forms or more of exercise and alternating between them. For instance, you might do running one day and then swimming the next. Many of you probably do cross-training already as you alternate between cardio and strength training. Cross-training is a great way to alleviate boredom and keep from overworking the same muscles day after day. Perhaps you should even consider yoga as one of the exercises you are doing on a continuous basis in your cross-training.

1. Increases Flexibility

When doing strength training and even running, we can lose our flexibility pretty quickly. Yoga will ensure that you can touch your toes and bend your body into the shape of a pretzel!

2. Decreases Chance of Injury

Not many people can get injured during a yoga session. Plus, while switching to yoga every other day or so, it is giving your body a chance to recuperate from whatever other exercises you are currently doing.

3. Use Yoga for an Off Day

All of us usually have an off day or two during each week where we restrain ourselves from a full workout. Now you can do yoga on an off day and your body can still be recovering in the process.

4. Strengthen the Mind

What good is a ripped body if you are stressed out to the max all the time and about ready to have a breakdown? Use yoga to center yourself and meditate your worries away. It is just as much about working the mind as it is about working the body.

5. Use Yoga to Socialize

There is a very good chance that you are going to take a yoga class and walk away with a new group of friends. Yoga has a way of bringing people together.

6. Learn Breathing Techniques

With yoga, there are different breathing techniques you can use to warm or cool your body. Plus, you will learn other ones just to help yourself feel more calm. You can apply these to your other cross-training workouts as well.

7. Yoga Will Help You Listen to Your Body

A good yoga teacher will encourage you to listen to your body. This can pay off big time during your other workouts. You can quickly realize what your body can and cannot do.

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