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6 must-have measures of muscle gain

Date: Jul 17, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

How do you know if you’re gaining muscle or not?

Let’s take a look at six measures of muscle gain. Individually they are all indicators that you might have gained muscle, but when taken together they give a much clearer picture of the results you’re achieving.

1. Weight increase – if your weight is going up, you might be gaining muscle, but it could also be fat. Take weight in combination with other measures for a clear picture.

2. Strength – If you’re getting stronger in the gym, there’s a good chance you are building muscle.

3. Body fat – if your weight goes up and body fat stays the same, you have gained muscle. If your weight stays the same and your body fat goes down, you have gained muscle.

4. Girth measurements – if you want to know whether a muscle has grown or not, measure it with a tape measure.

5. Clothes fit – if clothes are getting tighter in the shoulders, arms, legs and not the waist, you have probably built muscle.

6. Photographs – taking a picture is a very easy way to see visually whether your body has changed.

Use these six measures to track your progress and stay on target for your muscle gain goals.

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