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5 Training Tips to make your 40s the best years of your life

Date: Dec 19, 2019   

Sometimes we use age as an excuse for it being more difficult to stay in shape. Our metabolism slows down and muscle mass usually starts to dwindle away slowly. But, 40 is not old, and is definitely not the time to slow down! Here are five training tips you should want to incorporate in your 40s so you remain fit for decades after.

Focus on Strength Training

With consistent strength training, your muscle mass will not abandon you as you age. If you keep on lifting weights, you will still have muscles even as you reach your golden years.

Eat More Protein

Protein can build muscle when combined with strength training. If you notice your muscle mass seems to be shrinking, increase your protein intake. Consuming 1 – 1.5gs of protein per kg of bodyweight should help you not only maintain your muscle mass but grow upon it.

Change Up Your Cardio

Long-distance cardio is performed at a gradual pace and takes a good deal of time. Instead, you might consider switching over to high-intensity interval training (HIIT). You will be able to still burn heaps of calories, but it will take you less time and your body will be challenged in a different way.

Keep Active Every Day

Don’t let a sedentary lifestyle creep up on you. Do something active every day. This might mean walking, bike rides with the kids, intense gym sessions, I doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy doing it!

Make It a Family Affair

At some point, when you are training on your own, you might struggle with motivation. If you can include your family and friends into your quest to stay healthy, then it will be much easier to keep with the program.

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