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5 fitness activities your family will enjoy

Date: Dec 22, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

“Righto kids, it’s time to come and watch dad train at the gym for an hour!” Well, that’s not going to work, is it? So how do you get your all-important exercise and get the kids off the couch and enthused about exercising as well? How do you convince a five-year-old family exercise is more attractive than broccoli?

Exercise builds healthy minds and bodies

Active kids are healthy kids; it’s a given. One hour of exercise per day helps kids grow, learn and prosper. And an active hour per day doesn’t do mum and dad any harm either.

Quite simply, exercise is the most potent wonder drug on the planet with far-reaching benefits for any age. Fitness is a boost for all round wellbeing. If you’re fit, you think more clearly, concentrate better and your memory is sharper. That’s’ true for both adults and kids. And the result is a human being with a new sense of well being, more confidence and enhanced self-esteem.

If that’s not enough to convince you, exercise has been proven to ease the debilitating effects of depression. In fact, mild to moderate cases can be treated with exercise just as effectively as with medication.

And to top it off, we all suffer from stress and anxiety in difficult times. Exercise can and will ease anxiety by releasing powerful well being chemicals into the brain.

Convinced? Then, here are a few ways to get some family fitness going through entertaining and interactive exercise.

One: Walk the whole family

Why just walk the dog when you can turn an evening stroll into an event? It can be transformed into a family bonding experience. Before or after dinner, gather the whole team together and make donning your walking shoes into a fun ritual; like the preparations for a great expedition. If the kids aren’t too fussed with the walking concept, they’ll buy into the big adventure one.

Set forth and give each section of your neighhbourhood names. The local playground can be called Jurassic Park; the supermarket car park is an ice belt from Frozen. Do you get the idea? Then, make it fun, make it fantastical and make it nightly.

Two: Turn cleaning into a phantom quest

That’s not dust in the carpet; it’s tiny ghosts with miniature buckets of spook dirt trying to mess up the house. Those aren’t dirty kid’s fingerprints on the glass table and TV screen; they’re ghost slime. And that’s not a vacuum cleaner; it’s a ghost-busting ecto proton pack. Make housework fun and the kids will buy into it.

Imagine that; the whole family cleaning and vacuuming, wiping surfaces and being productively active. It’s possible; you just have to start imagining.

Three: Get moving to music

Have you ever noticed how some youngsters automatically start dancing the moment happy music starts playing or a jaunty commercial comes on the TV? Well, it’s true and few things will get young kids up and active more than music. Remember, it doesn’t matter how stupid it looks, it’s exercise and bonding. So clear an area, crank up the sounds and dance your heart out.

Four: Go miniature in the garden

If you’ve got a rake, get a miniature one. If you’ve got garden trowels, shovels and tree pruners, get a kid’s garden set from the local toy shop and let them muck in. Sure, they’ll think your prized roses are weeds and cover your newly mown lawn in dirt, but they’ll love it and you’ll love it. They’re outside, active and making a contribution.

Five: Add value to ads

Each member of the family chooses one high rotation TV commercial during evening television time. If their ad plays, they have to leap up and do 10 star jumps. Whoever chooses McDonalds is in for a busy night.

This article was proudly provided by the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, who support Genesis Fitness and help our members achieve their fitness goals. If you are interested in starting a career in Personal Training, click here for more information.

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