5 Benefits Of Meditation

Date: Sep 21, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

Meditation continues to gain more exposure and supporters in the mainstream Western world. It has many benefits for your day to day life, that go far beyond the obvious.

Meditation is not just for monks sitting on mountain tops, in this post we will look at five benefits it will have in your life.

1. De-stress:

Meditation is one of the best ways to release stress and ‘let things go’. By reconnecting with your body and emptying your mind it acts as a ‘reset’ for your brain and neurochemicals.

Managing your stress levels will help to increase happiness, focus and productivity in your daily life. Over the long term, stress makes you store fat and is implicated in many lifestyle diseases. A simple 10-minute meditation can do a lot to combat that.

2. Be present:

We live in unprecedented times where we are online 24 hours a day. We cannot escape our phones, iPads and laptops. The technological boom has many positives, but it does have its share of negatives too.

One being a loss of real connection with the world around us and each other. We’re ‘constantly connected’, but only virtually.

Meditation helps you to reconnect with your body, your breath and the world around you. This is shown to increase happiness, and make for better inter-personal relationships.

3. Controlling emotions:

A core component of meditation is the observation of your thoughts without judgement. You can see them, but you are not ‘in them’. You do not have to believe the thought, or feel the feeling.

This sense of internal self-control will have many benefits for our success in life. A daily meditation can allow you to gain control of your emotions, be more grounded and keep your thinking clear, even under stress.

4. Examining your thoughts:

The process of seeing your thoughts without the emotional attachment of being in them allows you to examine them. You will sometimes be able to pick out thoughts that go through your mind which are simply not true and do not serve you.

These thoughts could have been holding you back for years. Shining a light on your limiting beliefs is the first stage in overcoming them and achieving more in life, whether that is in fitness, business, relationships or anything else.

5. Help you sleep:

Meditation and quiet time helps to improve your sleep quality. When you meditate you are reconnecting with your sympathetic nervous system – the side of your nervous system we need to be in to rest, relax and sleep.

With the hectic pace of modern life, we spend a lot of time in our parasympathetic nervous system, running on stress and adrenaline.

Getting back to our relaxed nature will have a huge impact on our ability to fall asleep, and the quality of sleep we get.


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