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4 Steps to Staying Motivated During the Winter

Date: Jun 24, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

Once the cold weather starts to creep in, it seems our motivation to keep up with our training goes out the window. It is awfully hard to stay motivated during the winter for several reasons. Plus, if we put on a few unflattering pounds, most people can’t tell anyway since we are all bundled up under layers of clothing. But don’t fall prey to the cold weather blues and lose your motivation for staying fit. Here are four steps to help keep you motivated during the winter.

1. Train at Home

For most of us, we let our winter workouts slide because we don’t want to venture out into the cold and the snow to get to the gym. During warmer months, it might take us ten minutes to get ready and be at the gym to start our workout. Having to bundle up and drive in winter weather can take us a lot longer. Eliminate the need to travel and start training at home by turning your basement or free room into a home gym.

2. Find a Workout Buddy

It is easy to cancel your workout session and not feel any guilt because you are only hurting yourself. However, if you are training with a friend, you are much less likely to cancel on training because you don’t want to let them down. Working out with a buddy will keep you on your training schedule.

3. List Your Training Goals for the Winter

Have you ever heard that if you write something down on paper that there is a better chance that it will come true? Set fitness goals for yourself during the winter and hang that list on your fridge. Want to run a faster mile? Put it on the list. Want to add 20 pounds to your bench press? Add it on there as well. Even though it may be freezing outside, you will have something to shoot for!

4. Take Your Workout Outside

Cold weather does not have to be your enemy. Instead of running on a treadmill, do your running outside. The cold weather will feel great after a couple of minutes. Or if there is snow on the ground, get your cardio in by shoveling the driveway. Keep your options open and you can make the cold weather work for you.

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