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4 reasons to add a rowing session to your training routine

Date: Nov 23, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

Rowing is a great form of exercise. The rowing machine is a staple in just about every gym, and for good reason; it’s one of the most effective forms of exercise you will find.

Here’s four reasons you should add a rowing session to your training routine:

  1. Rowing strengthens the back muscles; which are often neglected in training, but important for balance, posture and wellbeing.;

  2. Rowing teaches you proper posture; you have to sit upright on the rower, and being in a bad posture will quickly become uncomfortable. You’re forced to maintain a strong posture, and that will train your body to adopt that position more naturally.

  3. Rowing is great for doing interval training; while you need a death wish to jump on and off a moving treadmill, and even a stationary bike takes time to slow down and speed up; the rowing machine is perfect for the start-stop nature of interval training. Simply stop rowing when you’re in a rest period, and start again in a work period – there is almost zero transition time, allowing you the easiest way to complete this very effective training style.

  4. Rowing is hard work – that is why we go to the gym after all. The rower is just flat out hard work. You can’t drift along while reading a magazine like on a cross trainer or bike; it requires real focus and effort, and that is only a good thing for your training results.

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