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4 Reasons to Add a Cycling Session to Your Training Routine

Date: Aug 31, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

Cycling can be a great addition to your training regime for various reasons. Let’s explore some of the reasons you might benefit from adding a cycling session into your training routine.

Low-Impact Cardio

Cycling is a way to add cardio into your routine, without adding the impact and stress your joints take with other forms of cardio like running or skipping.

You can comfortably cycle long distances, without overly stressing your bodies support structures, meaning you can focus fully on pushing the cardiovascular system and muscles.

Get outdoors

Cycling allows you to get some fresh air, vitamin D, and change your environment, while you also have an indoor, all-weather option at your gym.

You can get a great workout while simulating different terrains, and alternate this with outdoor cycling when the weather permits.

Active recovery

Active recovery – getting the blood pumping around the body and muscles working – helps to speed up recovery from a tough training session.

A moderate intensity cycling session is a superb way to get blood flowing around the lower body and help to aid the recovery of the muscles and tissues in the legs.

Long duration training

Cycling for a couple of hours is much easier than running or swimming for such an extended period of time. This makes cycling a great way for building aerobic capacity and adding long-duration cardio training into your routine.

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