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4 Great Reasons to Add a HIIT Session to Your Workout

Date: Sep 20, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is an especially effective form of cardio where you alternate between periods of high-intensity work, and periods of recovery/low-intensity work.

It has a lot of benefits, but here are four of the best:

You build fitness fast

HIIT workout are intense. They challenge your body a lot more than a long, slow duration cardio workout will. This makes them very effective for seeing quick results in your fitness.

A 15 – 20-minute intense workout can be more effective than a 60-minute steady workout.

Burn calories

When you do HIIT you not only burn calories while training, but continue to burn additional calories when you stop. This is for your body to catch up and recover from the demand of an intense workout.

You’ll burn more total calories doing a high intensity workout.

Simple to do and short

Who has hours to spend in the gym these days?

HIIT workouts are very simple, and very fast. In 20 minutes, using just a treadmill, stationary bike, cross-trainer, or rowing machine, you can get a highly effective workout.

Mentally challenging

HIIT workouts hurt. The high-intensity period is characterised by giving it 100 per cent effort. This is tough, and it quickly becomes a mental battle to carry on working.

This builds discipline and teaches you that you’re capable of going outside your comfort zone and doing more than you previously thought.

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