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4 Bodyweight Exercises to Improve Upper-Body Strength

Date: Dec 19, 2019   

You don’t always need a loaded gym packed with strength training machines to work on your muscles. There are things you can do right in the comfort of your own home that will give you a great workout. Here are four strength training exercises that will improve your upper body in no time.


Maybe your gym teacher knew what he was doing when he made you do push-ups every day during PE. In fact, push-ups activate just as many muscles if not more than the bench press. However, at the gym, you always see people waiting around for a bench to open up but no one is dropping down and cranking out push-ups. Why? It’s not as sexy as benching with the bar. Still, it is just as effective.


Dips are great for not only your triceps, but also your chest and core as well. Best of all, you can just push two chairs or something similar close together and pound them out. If you aren’t ready to start doing dips with your whole body weight, you can lightly put your feet on the floor to take some of the weight off during the reps.


Once again, your gym teacher would be proud. Pullups will work your back, lats, some shoulders, core, and biceps. It is a whole upper-body compound exercise movement that is very effective to train your muscles. And if you do need some assistance so you can get in enough reps, there are bands that you can use for assistance.

Inverted Row

Inverted rows are often forgotten about when discussing amazing upper bodyweight exercises, but they work! It can train your back just as great as pullups and it will build up your biceps as much as any isolated curls.

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