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3 Must Do Calf Strengthening Exercises

Date: Jun 23, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness

We all understand the importance of not skipping leg day – but calf strengthening exercises can sometimes fall by the wayside.
Improve your muscular strength and protect yourself from injury with these three calf strengthening exercises.

1. Standing calf raise
Stand on the edge of a step or, if a step-aerobics platform if you have access to one.
Stand tall with your abdominals pulled in. The balls of your feet should be firmly planted on the step, with your heels hanging over the edge.
Rest your hands against a wall for balance as you raise your heels a few inches above the edge of the step so that you’re on your tiptoes.
Hold the position for a moment, and then lower your heels below the platform. You should feel a stretch in your calf muscles.

2. Leg press
Sit down on the machine and place your legs on the platform directly in front of you at a medium stance.
Lower the safety bars holding the weighted platform in place and press the platform all the way up until your legs are fully extended in front of you without locking your knees.
With your torso and your legs at a 90-degree angle, place your toes and balls of your feet on the lower portion of the platform with the heels extending off. This is your starting position.
Press on the platform by raising your heels as you breathe out, extending your ankles and flexing your calf. There should be no bending at any time. Hold the position before you start to go back down.
Go back slowly to the starting position as you breathe in by lowering your heels as you bend the ankles until calves are stretched.

3. Seated calf raise
Sit with the machine pads resting on your thighs.
Drop your heel to 2-4 inches depending on how flexible you are.
Raise again and squeeze the calf muscles once you reach the top.

This article was proudly provided by the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, who support Genesis Fitness and help our members achieve their fitness goals. If you are interested in starting a career in Personal Training, click here for more info


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