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3 Hand Weight Exercises To Add To Your Next Workout

Date: Jul 21, 2016    By: Genesis Fitness
Handheld weights are great because they’re so versatile. You need very little space or equipment. They can be performed in even the busiest of gyms, or the smallest of rooms at home. Give these 3 exercises a try next time you’re working out.

1. Walking lunges – Walking lunges will hit all parts of the legs and the butt muscles. They’re great for building stability and protecting the knees and lower back from injury. They’re really simple to do, just grab a dumbbell in each hand and lunge forwards, then, instead of stepping back, bring the other leg through in to a lunge.
You’ll feel it working the upper legs and butt muscles. Here’s how to do it -

2. Turkish get up – This is a complex movement that can be quite intimidating to begin with. It’s going to challenge your coordination and the integration of all the different muscle groups in your body. It is exactly this reason that makes it such a great exercise. Start off slow and build up to it piece by piece.
This is a fun one, it will challenge your balance and you will be learning a new skill. It’s not just going in the gym and pumping out an exercise, it takes some real thinking and coordination to master the Turkish get up.
You can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this exercise. Here’s how to do it -
3. Bent over row – The bent over row is a great movement to strengthen the back muscles and improve posture by working the important muscles around the shoulder blades.
It will combat the rounded shoulders that we often fall in to from spending a lot of time sitting and hunched over computers. Make sure you push the hips back, to keep the spine nice and flat, and the core engaged. By doing it free standing with hand weights you will also be getting a good workout of the core muscles.

Here’s how to do it -

Give these 3 hand weight exercises a go next time you’re training and see how you get on with them.


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