5 Myths About Strength Training

Date: Dec 21, 2015    By: Genesis Fitness

Strength training myths come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s essential you know fact from fiction. By understanding how to train right, positive results will follow, so start busting the beliefs that are holding you back from achieving more.

1. Weight training = bulking
Muscles can be big without being super strong, and solid muscles can be on the smaller side. Take a look at internationally acclaimed weight lifters next to pay TV fitness models – bigger isn’t by any means stronger.

2. Women who lift will get huge muscles
Due to differing hormones in the body, males (thanks to testosterone) naturally build more muscle than women. Women (thanks to oestrogen) do not add bulk to their bodies in the same way as men. So fear not ladies – lifting will give you lean and defined muscles – not bulk.

3. A longer session makes for a harder workout
You may be clocking up the kilometres on the elliptical machine, but if you’re performing “easier” types of cardio over longer periods of time, you may not be getting the results you desire. Opt for shorter bursts of cardio, performed at a more intense pace.

4. Cardio before weights, always
If you undertake an intense cardio session, it’s unlikely you’ll have enough energy to complete an equally intense weights workout. Similarly, after completing a heavy weights session, the last thing you feel like doing is getting your muscles moving.
Since weight training and cardio affects muscles in different ways, it’s ideal to split up your cardio and weights training into two separate sessions. If that’s not an option, simply decide what you want to focus on. Alternate your intensity between weights and cardio.

5. Spot reduction works
Nope. When you lose weight, fat disappears from all areas of your body; you may be predisposed to shift kilos in certain zones first, but there’s no way you can target them with “spot reduction “or shaping exercises.

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