10 Dietary Myths Debunked

Date: May 13, 2019   

In our effort to lose weight and become healthier, we have all heard claims on what we need to eat to drop some serious pounds. However, some of the claims are so outlandish they should instantly be ignored. Listed below are a few dietary myths you should be aware of.

The Starvation Diet
A funny thing happens when you reduce your calorie intake to practically nothing. Your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to fat and calories as long as possible. You may think you are going to get skinny by starving yourself, but you are actually slowing down the process of losing weight.

Avoid Carbs to Lose Weight
There are some carbs that are actually good for you. If you want to lose weight, avoid processed carbs that come from sweets.

Eat Only Fat-Free
There are good fats, such as the omegas, that are beneficial to your health.

No Yolk for You!
The egg yolk has been unjustly crucified for years. Not only does it contain a ton of nutrients, but they have been proven not to raise your cholesterol significantly at all.

Red Meat Causes Cancer
How did this dietary myth ever get started? Red meat is not bad for you at all as long as you have it in moderation just like everything else.

Only Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
There usually is nothing wrong with canned fruits and vegetables. They can be just as nutritious as the fresh stuff and much less expensive. The only risk with canned fruit is what are they in – avoid syrup at all costs!

You Must Eat a Full Breakfast Every Morning
There are two camps of people in life. Those who think breakfast is essential to getting through the day and those who just need a coffee in the morning and are good. There is no right or wrong. Just make sure you have enough calories (and not too many) to get you through your morning.

Don’t Eat Before Bed
It is all about moderation and what you are choosing to eat. There is no shame in eating before bed as long as you don’t overdo it. In fact, have a piece of turkey or something that is high in protein. Protein is great for you and a little snack won’t make you fat.

You Can Just Train Harder If You Eat Poorly
Health and fitness is 75 percent of what you eat and only 25 percent exercise. If you are eating poorly, you aren’t going to see the results no matter how hard you work out.

You Must Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day
While it is important to stay hydrated, don’t feel like you have to chug water constantly every hour. You can drink other healthy things as well. A couple glasses of milk in place of water will provide you needed protein. Plus, substituting fruit juice in place of water is fine as well. As long as it isn’t full of sugar of course!

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