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How you should alternate your workouts to avoid adaptation

Date: Nov 23, 2017    By: Genesis Fitness

Even the best workout won’t work forever. The body is a very clever piece of kit, which adapts to the demands placed on it pretty quickly.

When you’re training, you are applying a greater demand than it has previously handled, forcing it to grow stronger and fitter. Great!

Until you get stronger and fitter; then your workout won’t be effective any more. It’s now in the body’s comfort zone and no longer forcing adaptation.

So, what can we do about this adaptation problem?

We need to alternate our workouts, to keep the body guessing with new stimuli, and continue forcing it to adapt.

By have a training plan with two to four different workouts - using different exercises – that you do each week; the body is always being challenged.

It’s always got something new to overcome – plus you can train different exercises so you get more done; while one body part is still recovering you can train a different body part.

After two to three months you should change all of your workouts. This again adds totally new stimuli and accelerates your progress.

By varying workouts between sessions, and more fundamentally every couple of months; you avoid hitting a plateau because your body has fully adapted to the challenge you are giving it.

You’ll need to keep switching things up if you want to keep making progress.

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