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How to powerlift for beginners

Date: Nov 08, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

People often get powerlifting confused with bodybuilding or even strongman competitions. Powerlifting is a specific area of competitive strength training that focuses on three different lifts. Next, they take the total maximum weight you lifted from these three weightlifting exercises and add them together. This provides your total score during the powerlifting competition. There are certain types of weight classes figured into this competition, so an 80kg man is not directly measuring up against a 136kg man that can lift much more weight.

The three strength training movements are the bench press, the deadlift and the squat. While you’re competing during the powerlifting competition, you’re only doing these lifts, so people interested in competing in the sport focus entirely on these three exercises. Below are a few tips to keep in mind for each exercise as you proceed further into powerlifting.

Bench Press

A great way to prepare for your maximum lift on the bench is to pyramid up. Keep your reps at one per set as you keep on adding weight. You might start at 60kg and do this for just one rep. Your next set could be adding another pair of 10kg onto the bar and doing that for one rep. Your goal is to not waste your strength as you go for your maximum bench press.


Deadlifts are a full body exercise, so there shouldn’t be any weak parts of your body if you want to achieve a good amount of weight. Keep your form tight as you prepare for all of your powerlifting exercises as the judges will only count your one rep maximum if you follow their guidelines at the event. For the deadlift, this might mean standing with the weight for a good two seconds or so with locked hips and knees before being allowed to put it back down.


Your powerlifting squats may be done differently than your normal squats that you’re doing in the gym. Many people prefer doing their powerlifting squats a bit wider than normal as they believe it allows them to move more weight. They also tend to try having the bar sitting a bit lower on their traps, but this is totally your preference.

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