How Much Gym Franchise Owners Make

Date: Jun 22, 2022    By: Genesis Fitness

Wondering How Much Gym Franchise Owners Make?

If you’re thinking of setting up a gym and you’re wondering how much gym franchise owners make, you’re not alone. After all, anybody who sets up a business does it with the intention of making a profit! However, it can be difficult to quantify that profit, especially when gym franchises can vary wildly. So, while we can’t give you any definitive figures here, what we can do is give you some of the reasons why a Genesis Health & Fitness gym franchise will give you the best opportunity to maximise your business and maximise your profits.

You’ll become part of a well-known and well-respected brand

Over twenty years in the fitness industry have given us the impetus to grow into one of Australia’s most successful gym chains. We own and operate our own gym locations but also support over 100 franchise locations nationwide. We also operate joint ventures to ensure our gyms are all of the same exceptional quality. As part of the Belgravia Group of companies, our annual revenue is more than $150 million and we sit alongside Belgravia’s other household health, fitness and wellness brands, including JUMP! Swim Schools and Ninja Parc Indoor Obstacle Course.

You’ll receive support and advice on all aspects of your business

Setting up a new business isn’t as easy as some people would have you believe, especially if there are many aspects to your business. To set up a gym from scratch, you’ll need premises, equipment and staff together with a detailed business plan that includes effective marketing strategies. With a Genesis gym franchise, you’ll get help with all of the above and more. We can look after everything from finding your building to commercial lease negotiations. We’ll help you to find and train your staff, assist with OH&S and help you to navigate new legislation and regulations. Recently, the Bradley Foundation reported that start-ups are disproportionately hit by regulation changes and often have difficulty resourcing and adapting. That won’t happen with a Genesis Health & Fitness franchise.

We’ll also help you to market your business and bring it to the attention of potential members. As Failory reported that 22% of small businesses attributed the failure of their business to poor marketing, this is a BIG benefit especially as Genesis is already a known and loved brand.

We give you more time and opportunities to grow your business and make more profit

By helping you to take care of the day-to-day admin and paperwork, we give you more time and opportunities to grow your business, which ultimately will result in more profit. You can concentrate on the quality and consistency of your offering and looking after the needs of your members. After all, it’s your members that generate your profits.

Plus, by investing in a franchise, you’re more likely to still be in operation in five years' time compared to other start-ups. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that up to 70% of businesses fail within four years, whereas, according to the International Franchise Association, 92% of franchises are still in operation after five years in business.

Interested to learn more about how much gym franchise owners make?

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you’re looking for an excellent opportunity to start your own gym franchise, get in touch with us here at Genesis Health & Fitness. We’d love to discuss your ideas and goals and give you a better idea of how much gym franchise owners can potentially make with us at your side.

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