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5 Tips for Strength Training for Injury Rehab

Date: Jun 24, 2019    By: Genesis Fitness

Strength training and rehabbing from injury are often looked at as two very different entities. While strength training is performed mostly by perfectly healthy individuals, rehabilitation means there has been some sort of injury that someone is trying to bounce back from. However, strength training can be performed while rehabbing if done properly. As always, consult your doctor before undertaking such a program.

1. Strength Training Is Resistance Training

Strength training basically just means that you are performing some sort of exercise or movement with resistance. While recovering from an injury, using light resistance is often applied during rehab exercises. Just don’t overdo it too quickly and your rehab time could actually be shortened.

2. Keep Your Age in Mind

If you are in your prime, you can bounce back from injury much quicker than if you were entering your golden years. Consider this when using strength training during rehab. If you are older, you could go with light weight at very few reps. If you are a physical specimen, doing complete sets at moderate weight is not out of the question.

3. Slowly Ramp It Up

Depending upon the severity of the injury, you could start rehabbing within a week or two of the initial incident. If the rehab program is eight to twelve weeks long, start off with light resistance like the resistance bands. After a few weeks, add more resistance to the training. By the time the rehab is completely finished, you should feel like you are well on your way to recovery.

4. Building Up Muscles to Help with Injury

Dr. Darin Deaton, a physical therapist, has worked with many individuals that have battled back pain over the years. Dr. Deaton explains that the reason the back is hurting in the first place is that it is not sufficiently strong enough. By making the body part stronger, it is the best tool for rehabbing from an injury.

5. Stick with the Simple Movements

Depending on the injury you are rehabbing from, there are probably some movements that you should stay away from. For instance, don’t do any strength training exercises where there is a lot of sudden movements. Keep everything moving at a moderate pace to limit your potential for reinjury.

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