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5 great bodyweight exercises to add to your workout routine

Date: Nov 08, 2018    By: Genesis Fitness

Whether you’re at the gym or just hanging around the house, bodyweight exercises can be completed easily, without any needed equipment. Below are five great bodyweight exercises to add to your workout routine.


Push-ups are really a full body exercise. They require all the major muscle groups to be firing away at once. To make them even more difficult, put your feet up on something high. This will increase the amount of weight you’re doing.

Bodyweight Squats

These have been a staple in wrestling workouts for years. Bodyweight squats are perfect for strengthening the legs. What’s more, you’ll not have the increased risk of injury with a tonne of weight on your back and shoulders.


Pull-ups will strengthen your whole upper body if you do them correctly. It won’t be long before you’re able to crank out a set of ten or more if you put the hard work in.


Many people mistakenly think planks are just an ab workout. Try holding a plank for a minute or two and you’ll find that your whole body starts trembling. When you’re sore all over the next day, you’ll realise exactly how much of your body that planks affect.

Bodyweight Dips

These can be performed with two chairs placed next to one another or you can use a table. Bodyweight dips are definitely a compound movement as it works your triceps, shoulders, back, a bit of lats and even your chest. It won’t be long before you’re increasing the number of reps that you’re able to do.

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