Thuringowa 24/7


FAQ 24-7

What does 24/7 mean for Genesis Thuringowa?
A re-modelled club that from April can be accessed any time day or night.

How does it work?
You will need to acquire a FREE access pass from reception and complete our 24/7 induction.

What are our new staffed reception hours?
• Monday to Friday from 5am to 7pm
• Saturday 7am to 12pm
• Sunday and Public Holidays - Not

Will there still be staff here at other times?
Yes, it is only reception hours that have changed.

Will my membership fee increase?
No, membership fees will remain the same.

What do I do if I only access the club during reception hours?
Nothing needs to be done. You can access the club during staffed reception hours as per point 3.

What areas of the club are available 24/7?
The entire club with the exclusion of group exercise studios will be available 24/7.

Will the club be closed during the re-modelling process?
No. However, parts of the club will be cordoned off for the installation of work to be completed but we plan for minimal disruption.

When will club start operating 24/7?
The club will start operating 24/7 on April 20th. To get information and updates on 24/7
simply visit and like our Facebook page: