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Meet Rory

Club: Genesis Fitness Windsor

Rory first came to Genesis Windsor just over 2 years ago, he is a semi- retired writer and self- confessed beer enthusiast, he also writes a beer column which requires occasional ‘research’ trips to the pub! Before Rory came to see us he had recently been to Sumatra for the surfing island ‘Latitude zero’ which resulted in half a day surfing followed by half a day exhaustion, a lack of energy to catch the big waves and a feeling like perhaps his 55 years were catching up with him! He decided that now was the perfect time to make the best of life.

2 years on we have trained successfully for 2 more surf trips where Rory was the last man out the water each day. Back, arms and legs took the major focus and he was willing to be pushed and learn about how each exercise would get him closer to his goals. We then switched from paddle fitness to hiking fitness because he was leading some kids and their dads down the Herbert River Gorge in North Queensland, an 8-day rugged hike where everything has to be carried in and out. The legs and core strength took the main focus as each day the back to back hike is brutal and while fathers and sons complained and suffered, Rory pushed through.

Never being one to stay still very long Rory planned a motorbike trip across Mongolia which involved long days riding off road and the fatigue in his party resulted in 3 serious crashes, Rory puts his success down to his fitness and focus developed in the gym so he could succeed where other younger men failed. Rory had walked the Camino Trail partly to honour his late wife Kate but now plans a bigger trek….base camp on Everest followed by a hike to Island Peak. This is going to be his biggest challenge yet but the confidence he has in his training and attitude leads him to describe it as “a stroll up Everest base camp”.

We asked Rory a few questions about his training, goals and beer.

What made you decide that you needed to start personal training at Genesis Fitness?

I realised I needed someone to push me if I was going to get the sort of fitness I needed.

In the time you have trained with Sam what has been some of the changes that you have made or noticed?

I have definitely improved strength and endurance, feel generally healthier, and when I tell Sam what my next adventure is he researches the demands on the body and trains me accordingly, so that I get maximum enjoyment out of it.

Sounds like you have achieved a lot of goals. With the Everest journey planned, where to from there?

Next adventures? Who knows! Being fit and free means nothing can be ruled out. I plan to do a lot more surfing and hiking in different parts of the world.

You’re an outwardly happy and friendly guy, what keeps you staying positive?

I stay positive because the alternative is a waste of time. I know too many people who start sentences with "I wish I could have ...", when the only thing stopping them is either laziness or fear. I am one of those annoying people who says "I have done ...", and will keep going until I am dead.

And finally, what is your overall favourite beer?

My favourite beer is the one I am drinking at the time. If pressed for one I would nominate Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale. Awesome beer.