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Meet Reg


Club: Genesis Fitness Wantirna

Reg joined Genesis Wantirna in July of 2007.

At that time Reg had given up smoking (2nd January 2007) and while he didn’t think he was overweight at the time of giving up the smokes, he certainly started packing it on and the weight and tipped the scales at 105 kilos.

Reg decided to do something about his weight, hence joined Genesis Wantirna and met Karen (Editor note Reg's words - the world’s best PT Instructor) who took him under her wing for a 12 week period where the programme she gave him was a combination of cardio – cycle and jogging (which he hadn’t done in years), sessions with weights and a weekly PT session with her. Through this Reg was advised to follow a healthy diet and learnt about portion control with food.

The hard work and discipline paid off and at the end of the 12 week period, Reg was down to a much slimmer 87 kilos and it was fantastic not having to wear Double XL tees which he had worn for quite a while.

Now 10 years on, Reg is still at Genesis Wantirna five mornings a week and enjoying still being here and made numerous friends along the way and enjoying the friendly atmosphere the place provides. Most importantly, the weight loss of 10 years ago has stayed off as Reg have remained at his goal average weight range of 85 to 87 kilos over all these years.