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Meet Mel

Club: Genesis Fitness Wodonga

I never thought I’d get emotional about this, but my before and after photos brought tears - happy tears - to my eyes. The change I have made in just 12 weeks is amazing and has blown me away. Yay me!

But….this is not the end. The ‘after’ photos are just the ‘during’ photos; there is more to come! This is the kick start I needed. There will be hard times ahead… yeah it will hurt, but a good hurt. I know that I CAN and WILL do this!!

I believe the hardest steps are behind me…I made a decision to change my life, I walked through the door and signed up to Genesis and then to the 12 week challenge.

Having the support from all Genesis staff as well as other #ynb12wc participants has been fantastic. The group sessions are invaluable for support and motivation; you need it sometimes to keep going and push yourself harder.

12 weeks ago if you told me I would push the sled with Renee standing on it or leg press 90kg…I would have thought you were nuts…but I did it!! ….and there’s been a few burpees and real push ups in there too!

Now I do walk with my head held high and no more hunching to hide!

What an amazing 12 weeks!