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Members-Corner.jpg Liam Graham

Meet Liam

Club: Genesis Fitness Melton

Hi, my name is Liam Graham and here is my fitness journey so far.

I started at Genesis Melton back in 2012 fundamentally just to use the pool since I didn’t know anything else. I therefore obtained a personal trainer and the weight loss journey began but in actual fact didn’t hit full throttle until November 2014 when I decided to make a major change and with the encouragement of my PT John Mathew Condemi, Harrison Madafferi and Mark Allen I decided to enter the Genesis 12 week challenge on the 9th of February 2015.

So with the help of a number of people John Condemi, Bec Carling, Kate Smith, Ash Curwood, Juso J Julardzija and Even Piper just to name a few I lost a total of 25kg and 67cm off my entire body during the challenge. But my journey didn’t stop there for one calendar year I lost a total of 61.2kg.

So with the continued support of my Personal Trainers, fellow members and all the staff at Genesis Melton I will achieve all my fitness goals.