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Meet Jo

Club: Genesis Fitness Bentley

My name is Jo Briggs. In December 2014 and weighing nearly 100kgs I joined Genesis Bentley and met with Warren Page for Personal Training sessions as I'd never even been to a gym before.

I knew I was overweight and I felt unconfident about myself and did not enjoy life. Then a few weeks in and I started to see some changes, my diet started to swing back towards healthy food. I started feeling motivated and had a refreshed outlook, not only that my mental health started to improve I was less bothered by things that would annoy me or become as easily overwhelmed as I used to.

In January 2015 I competed in and did well in my first Genesis YNB 12 Week Challenge. The YNB Challenge was fantastic and helped me cross into a new level of fitness and healthy nutrition!

Not long after the challenge finished Warren told me that he was going to change the way he trained clients from Personal Training to a program called MBSC Thrive, a Small Group Functional Training program. To be honest I didn't even need to find out what the Thrive program was all about, because Warren told me he thought it was amazing and thus far he has been a fantastic PT, mentor and friend in helping me along with my fitness journey.

My training partner & I have been doing Thrive for the past two months now and absolutely love my two sessions a week and I'm currently in middle of the current YNB Challenge! I absolutely love what my fitness journey has given me so far in the form of my physical and mental wellbeing and I'm ready to take on whatever the world throws at me from now on!