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Members-Corner.jpg Member Corner - Ben Horne

Meet Ben

Club: Genesis Fitness Cessnock

This is Ben’s story:

After a huge wakeup call late last year, I decided I wasn't getting any younger and needed to get my physical health back on track… scary, as I hadn't exercised in over 15 years.

I am driven by seeing physical changes to my body, and how healthy and strong my mind has become. Training and improving my fitness betters my overall life.

Genesis Fitness is my happy place, where I can have my ‘me’ time. Training hasn't been easy, if it was, everyone would do it. But no one is going to do the hard yards for you, so get down here and get into it.

I hit a road block with a shoulder reconstruction on my left shoulder which slowed me down, but with help from my personal trainer at Genesis Fitness, I am getting back on track and gaining a lot of strength in that shoulder. So far, I have lost 32 kg in 10 months, and I am now working on getting into the best shape I can.