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Members-Corner.jpg Member Corner - Andrew Burl

Meet Andrew

Club: Genesis Fitness Rutherford

I have now been at the gym for 12 months. It has been 12 hard months but a time that I have been able to turn my life around.
My weight loss has not been as impressive in this challenge as it was in the first one, but I feel as though I have achieved so much more. I have gained self-esteem during this challenge, which was something I didn’t realise that I didn’t have before. I spend time looking at myself in the mirror when I am at the gym, just because I find it hard to believe that the person looking back at me, is me. I am now feeling much more comfortable in my own skin, and am able to take compliments when they are given.

Fitness wise, I am at a level that I never ever though that I could be at. I understand that I still have a way to go, but I have been pushing myself harder in every session to make sure I can reach my goals.

When I first joined the gym 12 months ago, I gave myself an initial goal to lose 80kg. This goal at that time seemed really unreasonable, and in all honesty, was not one that I thought I would ever achieve. Now that I am down 87kg I am still hungry for more. I want to see how far I can take this, and I don’t see an end in sight for me.

I couldn’t have done this at all if not for my gym friends and family. Will Birchall has been an amazing trainer for me, always making sure I can reach my potential, pushing me over and above what I ever thought was possible for me. The rest of the group in Team Will – Yasmin, Libby, Lou, Deb, Bridget and the A-Team have always supported and motivated me over the last 12 months and I wouldn’t have been where I am now without them. I cannot thank all of them enough for this.

I now see a future for myself. Not just a mediocre future, but one which is filled with endless possibilities.