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Members-Corner.jpg Member Corner - Amanda

Meet Amanda

Club: Genesis Fitness Cessnock

This is Amanda’s story:

So have you ever had a goal in the back of your mind then woken up one morning determined, focused and red hot ready to go.... but then the days pass and your focus drops and you find yourself making reasons to just let it go. Well this is a story of the most amazing women, she woke one morning determined, focused, strong, and had never let go of her goal.

Put yourself in Amanda’s skin, you are a single mum to two smart vibrant little girls, working part time and every day is a struggle to move, why? Because you tip the scales at 215kg. Take a moment; imagine just getting out of bed, doing the mad rush to get two little girls ready for school and yourself ready for work, carrying two 50kg bags of potatoes over your shoulders. That is Amanda’s every day. Imagine what that would do to your state of mind, image how that would wear you down, imagine just how difficult it would be to just get though the day let alone find the mental energy to change your life.

Well that is just what Amanda did. She literally woke up on the 16th of August and “had enough”.

She started her journey to a happier life by changing her diet completely and following a medically supported ketosis program and swimming just twice a week.

With the fire now well and truly alight in her belly, she saw her GP and made the decision to have gastric sleeve surgery. What makes Amanda journey so amazing is that she, unlike many before her did not see the surgery as her easy fix. She used the surgery as her motivation! In her words “I had to earn that surgery”. So between her light bulb morning and the date of her surgery she lost 60kg! Even her surgeon was amazed at the determination and focus Amanda displayed. As the surgery date got closer and closer Amanda knew she needed more help to continue on the journey. She was not going to let the surgery be the end of her story.

It was the day before the surgery that Amanda walked into Genesis Fitness Cessnock and has never looked back. What she noticed was just how comfortable she was in the club. With the support of the friendly faces around the club from reception and the personal trainers to her fellow members, Amanda continued going from one goal to the next, and before long she was like family and a main stay in the club. It was not too long into her time with the club that she decided to give Zumba a go. Amanda started at the very back of the class dressed all in black, but as she lost more weight her instructor saw the changes in more than just her body. The smiles started, the clothes became more and more colourful, the moves got a little cheekier, and on the whole her confidence started to sore.

With the support of her clubs friendly environment and her unfailing determination Amanda has lost just over 110kg and is well on her way to her goal of skydiving! Go Amanda!

Genesis Fitness Cessnock prides itself on being the fitness club for EVERY BODY, truly a judgement free, warm and welcoming place to be.