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Looking for a Gym in Perth?

Find a gym close to your home or workplace with 8 Genesis Fitness gyms located in Perth, we’re dedicated to your health and fitness needs.
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Genesis Health and Fitness – More than Just a Gym in Perth

Finding the right support to help you reach your goals is important – and when it comes to health, fitness, and wellbeing the right support can make all the difference. That is why if you are looking for a gym in Perth that offers you encouragement, empowerment and inspiration, Genesis Health and Fitness is the answer.

Our team is full of confidence-giving, passionate and accredited coaches, and personal trainers, helping you find the right way to achieve your personal goals. Whether you love group fitness in Perth, or you prefer the solitude of a late-night workout, we have the tools, knowledge, and equipment to get you to your goals.

We know that it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide how to reach your goals – understanding fitness, creating a plan that works, and balancing nutrition is something that takes years of experience to master. Add to this the uncertainty of entering a workout space, and it is clear to see why some people struggle to remain motivated. Here at Genesis Health and Fitness, we are not just a gym – we are a fitness community where every single member is treated as an individual.

Membership of Genesis Health and Fitness gives you so much – and that is why we are not like any other gym in Perth.

Start a Trial at One of Our Gyms in Perth

We are so confident that you will love what we can offer that we invite you to come and try us out. To begin with, we will give you a club tour. You can see our beautiful spaces, kitted out with the latest technology and weight machines, as well as space for free weights, abs and stretching. You can see our changing areas and showers and experience the ambience of the community we are building – supportive, fun, and empowering.

Once you have seen what the gym in Perth is like, we offer you a Fitness Solutions Fitness Consultation when joining. We can use that to demonstrate your current fitness and show you how we can develop that in relation to your personal goals. You can also enjoy a free session of personal training in Perth, attend one of our fun group fitness classes in Perth and enjoy an introductory free small group personal training session, too.

The benefits of becoming a member just grow and grow.

Membership Benefits at Genesis Health and Fitness

All our members get unlimited access to our state of the art equipment in our gyms in Perth. You are not restricted by opening hours; although some specific times and days may be unstaffed, you are welcome to use our facilities whenever you want – perfect for those of us with busy lifestyles.

All our members get a personalised, bespoke ongoing training plan. We use this to decide how best to approach your goals, taking into account what your current fitness level is, whether you have any injuries or illnesses to be aware of, and how you prefer to work out This plan is regularly reviewed, and alongside fitness testing, we can easily adapt and change it to accommodate your needs as you grow and develop.

Perth Gyms Offering Yoga, Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes & More

It doesn’t matter to us what your goals are – all we care about is helping you achieve them in any way we can. For some of our members, the ultimate goal is bodybuilding – so we prepare special nutrition plans and work with them to create a program based on that goal. For other members, mental and physical wellbeing is the aim – and that is why we have many different types of yoga in Perth available – training the mind, meditation and stretching is important too!

Whatever your goal, however you want to work out, Genesis Health and Fitness is the best gym in Perth for you – come and join our empowering fitness community today. Complete your details below to get started with a free trial pass!
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Our gyms are located across Perth;

Bull Creek
Southern River

Our Perth gyms offer you everything you need to get fit, including weights, cardio machines and group fitness classes. Plus, all our gyms across Perth provide personal training sessions for a tailored fitness solution.

Our Perth gyms offer a range of great classes, including:

• Body Attack
• Body Pump
• Zumba
• Pilates
• Yoga
• Boxing
• Grit
• Coaching Zone (group personal training)

To try out your nearest Perth Gym simply fill out the Free Trial form to get started today!

Your 5 Day Free Pass

Terms & Conditions

18 years & over. First time members only. Must live or work locally.

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