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Coaching Zone

Coaching Zone

Welcome To The Future Of Fitness!

• Personalised coaching in a small group or team environment
• Ideal for beginner exercisers or if you tried previously and didn’t get results
• Sessions for advanced trainers to take their training to the next level
• Unlimited access to over 65 ‘Small Group’ and ‘Team Training’ Sessions per week
• Personalised Nutrition Support

The Coaching Zone is a private training area in our club designed to take your training experience to new heights and provide a training experience - Like you have never experienced before!

Our Coaches are trained to deliver high quality, structured exercise workouts that maximise results whilst minimising injuries. Coaching Zone workouts are designed to challenge clients to progressively achieve results. There is no screaming trainers, intimidating scenarios or workout out until you are ready to throw up.

Our area is hooked up to the world class Myzone® heart rate system. Coaching Zone members and guests are encouraged to purchase their own belt, but we do have loan belts on offer to try our system out when getting started. All clients heart rates during sessions will display either on TV screens around the coaching zone arena, or on your coach’s mobile device.

Participants are then trained to the desired intensity to achieve the results they are looking for. If you are getting fitter, the coach will progress your training, if you are learning the coach will know exactly when to pull you up to rest and when you are ready to begin again.

Our Workouts are based on science… No here-say….

For Example, our signature session Afterburn will aim to have you working at 85% of maximum heart rate for 16 minutes of a 45 minute training session. Achieving this will cause a spike in your metabolism for 38 hours post workout. This scientific effect is called EPOC. Do 2-3 Afterburn workouts in the coaching zone a week, follow our structured nutrition support and you will be well on the way to achieving true and lasting WEIGHT LOSS results….

In the Coaching Zone you can choose to workout in a team of 12 where the workouts change weekly, in a small group of 6 where workouts change 3 times a week or opt for private 1 on 1 coaching in the zone.

All workouts are 45 minutes in a 1 hour timeslot. When the workout is over, our coaches don’t run away – community is a key part of our program. Members are encouraged to stay and mingle with their teammates post training, whilst coaches are there to answer questions and provide further help.

Our session types include – Weight Loss, Power-lifting, Functional Training, Boxing, Suspension Training, Foam Rolling/Stretching plus more….

Coaching Zone memberships have no lock in contracts and members can book into sessions via our online booking system.

So what are you waiting for? If you need help achieving results you have struggled to achieve, or need help losing that 5-10kg for an upcoming event then register today for a free coaching zone workout

Free Coaching Zone Workout

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