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Small Group Personal Fitness

(4-10 Participants)


If you want to train with friends, sharing the fun and cost of more personalised workouts, Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) will motivate, encourage and guide you. Train smarter and make new friends (or bring your own!) building your cardio, strength and endurance levels.

Small Group Personal Training sessions hone in on specific areas, endurance and goals, challenging you in a way you’ll respond to. Try out Small Group Personal Training today and discover a more cost-effective way to personalise your training and achieve your goals.

A small group equals big benefits:

  • Enjoy hands on guidance and attention from an expert trainer
  • Be part of a fun, social way to exercise and meet other like-minded members
  • Lift your accountability to exercise, with a genuine team approach
  • Be motivated by each other’s results and performance to improve your own results.
  • If you respond well to a challenge and enjoy a competitive spark to get your best results, competition-based sessions are also available.

We offer 3 styles of Group Personal Training:

  • Personal Coaching - the most effective way to get you started
  • Team Training - designed for when you are ready for the next step in your training
  • Performance - designed for when you are ready to push yourself to the limit

SGPT tips and hints:

  • Remember, the classes are there to help you reach your fitness goals - you do not need to already be fit to attend!
  • Hydration is as important to your body as wearing clothes when you work out, so please always bring a drink bottle to keep your body in peak condition
  • We love and expect sweat, it’s a welcome sign of working out your body but please bring a small towel to help us keep it clean and hygienic

-It’s no fun being left behind or being bored with a class, which is why we offer a good range – so be comfortable or challenged and book in for a class that suits your fitness levels and goals

-If it’s your first class, don’t be embarrassed to let our trainers know, they’re always up for meeting a new friend and can make sure you have the best experience possible. There’s no shame in not knowing a new move – we’re here to help!

-Get amongst it and try as many classes as possible so you can find out which ones you enjoy the most!-

Try out Small Group Personal Training for free!

The fastest way to your fitness solution is to figure out what it looks like and it’s easier to do that when it’s free – so when you sign up with Genesis you can trial all our different levels of assistance at no cost (Group Classes, Small Group Personal Training and Personal Training).

Take a tour of your local club and meet with a Genesis Fitness Consultant who can chat through your goals to find the right Fitness Solution.

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18 years & over. First time members only. Must live or work locally. Only 1 x Free Trial pass per person in a 6 month time period.