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Gym Franchises for Sale Australia




What is my initial investment?

Depending on the type of club you operate the investment can vary greatly. Clubs which start from nothing have a higher investment point due to fit out of the premises and equipment costs. We would be happy to discuss with you in more detail the investment needed as the amount required would vary depending on the type of facility you are looking at.

Do I require business experience to operate a franchise?

No. Whilst experience in owning/ operating such a business would be regarded as advantageous, it is not imperative as part of the selection process.

Am I required to work in the business?

Not always. Although we do believe that the most successful franchises are those which are run by the actual owner of the club there are opportunities to invest into a business which is already operating. In most cases though the best head- start you can give your business is to commit yourself to it so as you can fully understand every aspect of the operation. As your business grows and you have appropriate in place your hours required in the business may be less.

Will I have exclusive franchise territory?

Yes at Genesis we have an exclusive geographic boundary which ensures your business has the required area to be profitable. We don't believe in placing franchised clubs so close together that you are effectively competing against people who are on the same team.

How do you determine site locations?

Considerations for NEW site locations:

Population Density-
The minimum adult population required within a 5 minute drive time (primary catchment) is 60,000 or 90,000 in a 10 minute drive (secondary catchment).

Site Selection-
The facilities need to be located in high traffic flor areas, ideally adjacent or co-tenant to existing operations such as retail, cinemas, supermarkets or other leisure uses.

The facilities and model are designed for the entire family and therefore require a range of transport options including public and private to facilitate the whole family.

Clear visibility and suitable signage options are required in order for pedestrians and traffic to locate the facility.

Is training provided?

Yes. As a new franchise owner you will be required to attend our head office for an induction to the Genesis system and procedures. You will also have ongoing support from our Regional Business Managers who will assist with regular site visits and telephone support. We also offer comprehensive training for your team via our national training curriculum.

I currently operate a gym and would like to operate from this location is this possible?

Yes. If you are currently operating a gym or have identified a potential new site we will certainly consider this location.

What are the steps required to obtain a franchise?

The first steps is to fill in the enquiry form via our website so we can contact you to discuss the opportunities with you in more detail. From this initial conversation we will fill you in on the process so you wish to proceed with the application process.