5 Tips to Maintain a Positive Mindset

Date: Jul 08, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness   
Everyone doubts themselves at one time or another as negativity can often creep into all of our lives. The key is to stop these damaging thoughts in their tracks by keeping a positive mindset. Find out five tips to do just that!

What Key Components Make a Great Warm-Up?

Date: Jul 08, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness   
Think of your muscles in your arms and legs sort of like rubber bands. If you don’t stretch a rubber band, after a while, it becomes a bit brittle and will snap and break on you the first time you pull it back. Don’t let this happen to your muscles. Listed below are some of the key components that make a great warm up.

Four Benefits of Foam Rolling

Date: Jul 08, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness   
Foam rolling has emerged more on the fitness scene in the last five years than ever before. Now you will see people in the gym using foam rollers while in the past, it seemed only a few professional athletes here and there would incorporate it into their training or rehab. Listed below are four benefits to foam rolling that may just persuade you to incorporate it into your daily routine.

7 Healthy Eating Tips for Winter

Date: Jul 08, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness   
Just because it is not the season where you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, or grill lean meats outside in the warm weather; it doesn't mean you should stop eating healthy as the winter months roll by. Here are 7 Healthy Eating Tips for Winter.

5 Key Measures to Review Your Training Goals

Date: Jul 08, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness   
You should review your workout progress every four to six weeks, but what should you measure? Use these five key measures to review your progress

Born to Ride - July 2019

Date: Jul 01, 2019     By: Genesis Fitness    Fitness, health
This July we are running an exciting member cycling based workout challenge across participating Genesis Health and Fitness Clubs.


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