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Meal Prep Guide - How to Save Time and Money

Date: Feb 28, 2019    
Simple planning and food preparation hacks around your nutrition saves time and money. Besides this, our brain already makes hundreds of different decisions a day, so if you are continually having to decide what to eat, it’s only going to fatigue your brain and sabotage your willpower. Here are a few simple food rituals you can use to ensure your meals are taken care of so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and less time thinking about your food.

Learn to Train Around Your Menstrual Cycle

Date: Feb 28, 2019    
This one is for our female members. Learn to train around your menstrual cycle because you can accelerate your results and feel more in tune with what your body needs if you do this.

What to do when you're feeling stressed

Date: Feb 22, 2019    
During our days we will frequently find ourselves under pressure. Work, mortgages, kids and pretty much everything else becomes a stress on our system. When we are under stress our levels of cortisol will increase as we enter “flight or fight’ mode. This can also inhibit our goals, especially weight loss.

How the right breakfast can help you lose weight

Date: Feb 22, 2019    
Introducing a protein-based breakfast rather than the usual carb heavy options can be a great way to lose weight.

Why newest Franchisee, Mel Tempest, choose Genesis Health & Fitness

Date: Feb 06, 2019     Genesis Ballarat
We are thrilled to announce that in March 2019, Genesis Health and Fitness will expand into Ballarat, Victoria. Industry icon Mel Tempest will officially join the network, when her long-established health club – Ballarat Body & Soul – is transformed into a Genesis Health and Fitness and Coaching Zone location.


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